About Us

Krish Technologies is UK-based IT company dedicated to providing premium IT services. Our core competence is in Network Integration, Infrastructure Management, Remote Server Administration and Monitoring. We also offer absolute Facilities Management Services including 24x7 desktop supports with assured SLAs. Additionally, we are happy to support and manage your existing IT infrastructure on a call basis. Our software division offers consultancy around website design and development.

At Krish, we are proud of our ability to timely deliver high quality and cost-effective services and products, thereby enhancing the business value to our esteemed clients. Our products and services offer true value for money and involve low cost of ownership.

We also take pride in our highly talented and certified staff that excels through experience in their respective portfolios. Our staff has certifications in Microsoft and various associated desktop, networking and security technologies and come with years of hands on experience in supporting SME installed base.

Our IT Support Aims:

* To offer the best IT Support possible at all times, to all clients, and within budgets.    
* To assist our clients in making the correct technology-related decisions for their company through the rendering of sound and    
  unbiased advice.
* To fix our client issues first time, every time.    
* To listen to what our customers are really telling us, and to communicate without needless technical jargon.    

Delivered with Service Excellence:

* Everything we do is backed by Service Excellence, our name for the amazing service we provide every day.    
* Service Excellence starts with people - only the best people make it into the team and those that do are committed to consistently    
  delivering high standards and always asking "how can I do this better?